Marlene R. Dyck

Certified Professional Counsellor & Therapist in Winnipeg

When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel. The result is a change in your life.

Marlene R. Dyck, Therapist, Counsellor and Mental Health Professional in Winnipeg, Manitoba is here to assist you with concerns about Relationships, Couples and Family Issues, Individual Issues, Mental Health, and Grieving, to name a few.

You matter in every way, to be HEARD, to be UNDERSTOOD and to feel CONNECTED.

Marlene R. Dyck, Therapist is here to help you with Psychotherapy, Mental Health Therapy, Marriage, Family, Relationship and Grief Counselling

This is Marlene’s approach in working together with you. She wants to hear the emotional challenges you are having right now, to listen to your thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing, and to support and guide you on the path to resolving your conflict.
Marlene is caring and empathic as she develops an understanding of the uniqueness of who you are, the strength and courage you have to move forward. She will also work with you to deal with the personal struggles that might be holding you back.
Marlene believes that in this relationship with you, in connecting with you, that your personal growth will bring about the changes you are looking for. It could be learning to let go of past hurts, reframing the way you see things, taking a closer look at what is yours vs. not yours and there may be a possibility of forgiveness. All of these can help you to move forward.
Last, of all, she believes that being kind, respectful and loving to yourself will bring new freedom to your personal life. When you take care of yourself like this, it is so much easier to be kind, loving and respectful of others.
Marlene R. Dyck, knows the power of this kind of freedom and this kind of feeling.

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My Focus & Approach

  • Offering a Warm & Therapeutic Space
  • Highly-focused & Investigative Approach
  • Focused on creating a Unique & Personalized experience
  • Passionate about Supporting & Guiding those in need
  • Helping you explore new ways of seeing things

Many Years of Experience in Counselling and Psychotherapy

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I know the power of healing and endless possibilities.

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