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The Marlene R. Dyck Difference

By Marlene R Dyck |


Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you’re looking for more information about Marlene R. Dyck, you’ve come to the right place.

About Marlene R. Dyck

I am a Mental Health Professional, practicing as a therapist. I have enjoyed helping others for my entire adult career, first as a nurse, and now as a psychotherapist. As a therapist, I work with various clients desiring to improve their lives. They usually have concerns about mental health, relationships, finding their true selves, among other issues.

I have a comfortable private practice in Winnipeg where I meet and interact with my clients. The area offers me the technology I need, and scope to expand my practice. I work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from noon till 8 pm, while on Friday’s from 10 am to 2 pm. There are days when I receive referrals from web-based companies and other professionals.

I always had a passion for this sort of work, so I started this business in 2015, and enjoy meeting others and helping them find the answers they are looking for.  It is amazing to work with people who want so much more for themselves. It takes a lot of courage and strength to say ‘I need help’, and I am more than happy that many people are choosing that path. My work is always in a state of growth since there is so much to learn from each individual. While evolving technologies clear paths for people to find the right fit for themselves.

The Marlene R. Dyck Difference

We do not have a specific client base since two clients are never the same, although rarely there might be similarities. However, each client needs the care and attention, right for their specific needs.

I am proud that I have a lifetime of experiences that taught me what clients desire; to be heard, to belong, and to connect with others. These truths have been shared most of the people I meet, and since I can offer them, make me second to none. My primary strengths of empathy, patience, knowledge, kindness, being a good, non-judgemental listener sets me apart from the rest of my competitors.

Our dream for the future is to get a website that offers hope to as many people as possible.

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