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Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Therapist

By Marlene R Dyck |

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Thinking is the first vital step in overcoming any challenge. When one changes the way they think, they can change how they feel and ultimately make a change in their lives. Therapy is about giving you a reason to think positively, and the right professional will help you achieve that positivity.

However, finding a good therapist can be a daunting task especially because you will be sharing your life’s secrets and story with a complete stranger. Usually, it’s best if you enlist the services of a highly recommended therapist.

In addition to recommendations, to ensure you get the best possible services, here is a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a therapist.

1. Professional credentials.

Make sure you hire a professional for your therapy. Check their credentials - degree and license a therapist holds. Only hire a reputable professional psychotherapist, licensed psychologist, marriage and family therapist (MFT), a mental health counselor or a psychiatrist. They are the ones who have the right education and can genuinely help you deal with your issues and reach your goals.

2. A sense of connection.

The next important factor is the sense of connection because the success of your therapy entirely depends on how good a rapport you have with your therapist. Check if they offer an initial free session to give you a better idea of how well you can trust this person with your area of concern. If you are unable to share how you feel or if you feel uncomfortable in their presence, it is wise to look around for another therapist.

3. Experience.

Having an experienced therapist is a complete win-win situation for you. With years of experience, they have dealt with many clients with the same issue you face today. You can refer to previous clients and be rest assured that the expertise and experience of your therapist will help you overcome your present life situation to your satisfaction.

4. Areas of expertise.

Therapy happens in a lot of different forms. Talk therapy is one area of expertise of most of the therapist being good listeners. However, there are different areas of expertise like dance and art therapy or mindfulness meditation. Make sure your therapist offers one or more of these so that you can choose better.

5. Services provided for different concerns.

Not all therapists will help with all different concerns like depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addictions, family concerns to name a few. Make sure the therapist you hire is providing the right services suitable for your concern.

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