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Busted! Don’t Believe This Myth About Therapy!

By Marlene R Dyck |


Ever since I started helping people with mental health, I’ve been greeted with a host of questions. While many of these questions are based on curiosity, most of them have arisen due to misconceptions about how therapy works.

At times, people seem to have a false sense of understanding about how their brains operate and how to interpret the behaviors of those around them. Existing television shows have created some more confusion by dramatizing these behaviors.

As a mental health therapist, I want to help people understand what exactly therapy is, who it is for, and how it works. To do this, I’ve debunked one of the most widely believed myths about therapy.

Myth: Going to get help for personal issues is a sign of weakness.   

Busted: This is the most widely believed myth about therapy, and it exists because there is a lack of information to change this incorrect mindset. It takes great strength and courage to ask for help, and this small but necessary step can change a person’s life in a very good way.

Positive results are achieved when people use their courage to move forward in their lives. Making contact with a therapist or life coach and meeting them for sessions is a positive sign. It means that a person is determined to address any hurdles holding them back and is ready to go on with their journey of a fulfilling life.  

If you need guidance from a qualified professional to help you to overcome your personal challenges, regain confidence, and live your life with zeal and enthusiasm reach out to Marlene R. Dyck.

Based on my many, many years of working with people as a therapist, and a now-retired nurse, I adopt an empathic heart and love for all people and strive to be a leading mental health therapist in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have many years of experience in counseling and psychotherapy and am here to help you with marital, family and relationship counseling. I will partner with you to identify the goals you want to achieve and with your support, I can help you to achieve these goals. Healing and restoration are processes in which I believe and have applied to help many people. I am keen to hear your story and help you find the answers you are looking for.

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