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Ten Questions To Ask A Mental Health Therapist

By Marlene R Dyck |


When looking for a professional psychotherapist and mental health counsellor in Winnipeg, Manitoba, choosing a passionate and supportive one is vital! They must be attentive to your internal struggles and capable of guiding you towards peace of mind in a supportive manner.

However, if you’ve never worked with a therapist before, you may not know where to start while picking one for your recovery and growth. To make the whole process easier for you, we’ve outlined ten valuable questions to ask a mental health therapist.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to understand the therapist’s objective, and whether they fit your requirements, are able to help you strengthen your relationships and heal your mind.

1. How many years of experience have you had in the counselling profession?

An experienced therapist guides individuals and couples towards more meaningful relationships and outcomes to improve their feelings of self-worth and confidence. Moreover, a therapist with years of experience will patiently help people overcome the traumas and trials that hold them back from being their best self.

2. What are your educational qualifications, and do you have credentials for your line of work?

Helping people with their anxiety, depression, marriage, and other aspects of life requires knowledge and skill. These are obtained through education in subjects like counselling, conflict resolution, and personality assessment (at prominent institutions). Moreover, the quality of therapy provided can be judged through a professional’s certification and affiliations with respected authorities and committees in the psychological community.

3. What are your fees, how long are the sessions and are you covered by insurance?

These are crucial details as they help patients prepare themselves financially and ensure that they can dedicate sufficient time towards recovery and personal growth.

4. Have you ever gone for therapy for yourself?

The answer to this question will reveal if a therapist is capable of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. And, if they understand the challenges and fears which first-time patients or therapy seekers face. It’s helpful to know these things as it allows people to open up and be honest about their thoughts and feelings.

5. What areas are your expertise?

Not all therapists specialize in the same areas as others. This makes it essential to know what their line of expertise is, so a person can get the therapy they need to feel mentally stronger and happier.

6. What is your philosophy?

The philosophy a therapist follows reveals the level of passion and focus they possess during each session.

7. Do you do short term therapy?

One must ask this question if when they aren’t sure about the therapy they need, are uncomfortable with the idea of treatment, are experiencing counselling for the first time, or would like to test their comfort levels with a new therapist.

8. Do you deal with childhood hurts and abuse?

Childhood traumas can be the root cause of many behavioral and psychological troubles. So, it is essential to know if a potential therapist can look into one’s past and see if it’s the reason behind the current challenges faced.

9. Why did you decide to be a therapist?

The reason provided will show if the therapist is genuinely concerned about helping people.

10. How many sessions of therapy will my particular problem require?

Ask for an estimate of the sessions it usually takes to overcome the psychological diagnosis described. This way a patient can decide for how long they want to commit (that is until they find the source of the problem or it is successfully resolved).

The answers to these questions show you if you've found a genuine therapist interested in hearing your story and helping you recover. Moreover, it will reveal if they are qualified to nurture your mind and support you.

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