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Five Tips To Help You When You Are Feeling Down

By Marlene R Dyck |


The weekend is near, and the excitement to tick things off your to-do list kicks in. Unfortunately, a situation arises, or your negative thoughts get the better of you, and suddenly you notice your mood sinking. Your enthusiasm and joy are replaced with sorrow and despair. You are no longer interested and lose motivation to do anything. 

If this has been a recurring mood, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to overcome these feelings and regain control of your life. To ensure you find a way to pick yourself and lead a more fulfilling life, professional counsellor and mental health therapist, Marlene R. Dyck has put together a list of five tips to help you when you are feeling down. 

Tip #1: Be curious.

It can be overwhelming to deal with negative emotions, especially if you haven’t identified the cause or trigger. Tuning into yourself and increasing your self-awareness will help you comprehend your complicated feelings. Ask yourself what has been taking place in your life or around you that has affected your mood. Make a list of possibilities, and you will find it easy to move to the next step.

Tip #2: Confide in the right person.  

Once you have gained self-awareness, share your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust and will keep your words in confidence. This is essential as you need to know that a person will consistently be there for you. It helps to be open about your feelings and share outwardly with a loyal friend or family member, or else your thoughts will continue to run around in circles, which can often make you feel even worse.

Tip #3: Take care of yourself.

Eating well, staying active, and getting adequate sleep is a basic routine for most people. It will be especially helpful for you to do the same, even though everything inside you tells you to do the opposite. At the time, these activities may seem unattractive and possibly become tasks that will require effort to conquer. However, if you can get yourself to perform these activities, it will be a personal victory and will certainly make you feel much better.  

Tip #4: Consult a professional.  

If your mood is down for more than two weeks, it might be a good idea to seek professional help, either with your doctor and or a therapist. These individuals have years of experience understanding various types of issues and offer treatment plans that will benefit you. You no longer have to suffer alone.

Tip #5: Hold onto hope.

There will be times wherein your thoughts may spiral out of control and overpower you to a point where you may lose hope. During these times, it is important to remember that there is help available, whether it is a trusted contact or professional, you can reach out to them.  

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If you live in Winnipeg, there is also the Mobile Crisis Unit that you can contact twenty-four hours a day. They provide excellent service and are always there for you. You can contact them on 204 940-1781. If you live outside Winnipeg, call your local health facilities and ask about their services.