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Helping People Deal With Automatic Negative Thoughts

By Marlene R Dyck |


Do you often find your mind drifting towards negative thoughts and feelings? Are you struggling to stay focused because negativity keeps building up in your head? As humans, we spend a substantial amount of time inside our minds thinking. We think about our plans for the future, past memories, and develop many thoughts over time. While thinking is an activity designed to help you assess your situation and work towards personal and communal development, it can also lead to self-destruction if you continuously dwell on negative thoughts and scenarios.

Thinking poorly about yourself or a situation that you were part of can prevent you from enjoying life. It can distract you from your goals, drain you of your energy, and even encourage anxiety and depression. If you constantly find yourself giving in to negative thinking, you could already be suffering from minor cases of anxiety and depression. And, if this persists, you could endanger your mental and physical wellbeing.

Fortunately, there are different practices you can try to alter your negative thinking patterns. These exercises are designed to redirect the mind towards constructive thoughts and put the negativity to rest. By engaging in productive thinking exercises, you can improve your thinking and make a massive impact on your happiness and comfort.

To help you find the best solutions to rewire your thoughts, it’s essential to work with a therapist or counsellor. These experts will help you take a closer look at what your thoughts are saying and guide you to the right exercises to bring your thoughts under control and improve your mood.

If you’re wondering where you can find a therapist in Winnipeg, Manitoba, reach out to Marlene R. Dyck. I am a trained and experienced therapist, counsellor, and mental health professional in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I assist people with concerns about relationships, family, individual issues, mental health, and grieving.

When it comes to automatic negative thoughts, I take the time to look at each thought that impacts my clients’ health and address them in a positive light. This enables me to help those struggling with their mood and also those who struggle with anxiety.

To give you an idea of how I help my clients, here’s an example. When a person says, “their husband always ignores them.” They develop a very painful thought, which grows every time it repeats in that person’s mind. When this negative thought plays, again and again, in that person’s mind it can create distance in their relationship.

However, if that statement was reframed in a better light like, “Maybe my husband had a bad day at work today, and he forgot to say hi, he usually says hi after work,” you can improve your mood significantly. Words like always, never, nobody, everyone, and every time are very black and white and rigid. Life in the gray zones is more flexible, and this is what I want to help you achieve with your thinking.

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