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Marlene’s Quotes

Counselling Services

"Kindness is yours today and forever, lovingly to kind to yourself always." - MRD

"I believe in you!" - MRD 

"Everyone responds to love." - MRD 

"Be still and breathe." - MRD 

"Taking the challenges that come...which turns into growth" -MRD 

"It takes a lot of courage to face challenges; Be kind to yourself on the journey."- MRD 

"As you face challenges today, be kind and caring to yourself." - MRD

“Amazing things can happen when you believe You Matter” - MRD

“Action over time can heal most hurts.” - MRD

  • Psychotherapy Winnipeg Manitoba

    Depression Counselling

    When you or someone you love has experienced a loss, a change or conflict, one's mood can be affected. In therapy, we will focus on the concern and find ways to help you feel better.

  • Psychotherapy Winnipeg Manitoba

    Anxiety Counselling

    Anxiety can be experienced when your body feels overwhelmed. Using different techniques, one can learn to calm the body and the mind.

  • Counselling Services Winnipeg

    Relationship Therapy

    Relationship therapy explores the triggers that can be experienced with others and also with oneself.

  • Counselling Winnipeg Manitoba

    Self Love Therapy

    Loving ourselves is where it all starts. When we love, accept and take some time to feed ourselves, we can live our best life.

  • Grief Counselling Winnipeg

    Grief Counselling

    All of us experience losses. Sometimes, unresolved issues , can make the Loss more difficult. Let's talk.

  • Counselling Winnipeg Manitoba

    Marriage Therapy

    There are 3 parties involved, both individuals and the marriage itself. Sometimes, they all need attention.