When you or someone you love has experienced a loss, a change or conflict, one's mood can be affected. In therapy, we will focus on the concern and find ways to help you feel better.

Depression can be caused by a few different things. You may have lost someone close to you, or you may be having conflict in a relationship or you may be going through a big change. A few of the symptoms you may be experiencing are: Feeling sad or down in the dumps The future may look hopeless You have lost interest in the things you do every day You may be feeling angry or more irritated To name a few. If these feelings and symptoms persist, it could be good to get some professional help. 
An acquaintance of mind had lost a parent about a year ago and found that they were feeling lost and hopeless. They thought they had grieved their parent but realized that as time when on, they were feeling worse. Upon seeking professional help, their were able to work through pain and their mood lifted back to normal. 

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