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The better we understand ourselves, the more we can share with our partner. In this relationship, one key piece is to recognizing our partners strengths. We all like to be validated about our strengths vs being told what we are not good at. 

Marlene R. Dyck, Therapist is well experienced in helping individuals and couples have more meaningful relationships and feel better about themselves. She will focus on the goals you want to achieve. Marlene believes that in this relationship with you, in connecting with you, that your personal growth will bring about the changes you are looking for. She has helped many people in the past and it is likely that she can help you too.

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Marlene R. Dyck - Certified Counsellor & Therapist in Winnipeg, offering Professional Marriage Therapy to clients across Winnipeg, Selkirk, Niverville, Steinbach, and Brandon, Manitoba.

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