Relationship therapy explores the triggers that can be experienced with others and also with oneself.

Relationship Therapy There are many forms of relationships, with partner, parents, family, friends , co-workers and our selves. As individuals, we have our own history, personalitys, environments that shape who we are. So when we are brought into a relationship with other, they also have all that shaped them. This can lead to good relationships, if we are more like minded , or it can cause us discomfort because of the differences. Often, the discomfort triggers us. 
For example: we meet a person that we like and start a relationship with them. After a short while, we start to feel irritated with a certain thing they do, like talking quite loud. We ask them to tone it down but nothing be comes a very big issue. There is something about that loud voice that is a trigger. upon further self-reflection, we realize that their was someone in our past who had a loud voice and we did not have a good relationship with them. This partner is not that person from the past. 

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