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Relationship therapy explores the triggers that can be experienced with others and also with oneself.

There are many forms of relationships, with partner, parents, family, friends, co-workers and ourselves. As individuals, we have our own history, personalities, environments that shape who we are. So when we are brought into a relationship with others, they also have all that, that shaped them. This can lead to good relationships, if we are more like-minded, or it can cause us discomfort because of the differences. Often, the discomfort triggers us.
For example: we meet a person that we like and start a relationship with them. After a short while, we start to feel irritated with a certain thing they do, like talking quite loud. We ask them to tone it down but nothing changes. lt becomes a very big issue. There is something about that loud voice that is a trigger. Upon further self-reflection, we realize that there was someone in our past who had a loud voice and we did not have a good relationship with them. This partner is not that person from the past.

Marlene R. Dyck, Therapist is well experienced in helping individuals and couples have more meaningful relationships and feel better about themselves. She will focus on the goals you want to achieve. Marlene believes that in this relationship with you, in connecting with you, that your personal growth will bring about the changes you are looking for. She has helped many people in the past and it is likely that she can help you too.

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